I found a love for 35mm film photography during my time as a University of Lethbridge student. I was spoiled, and had access to a fully functional darkroom - one of the only ones left in Western Canada. 

The process of film photography has made me change the way I look through the lens. You're limited to 24 frames with a 35mm - 25 or 26 if you can roll it well - so it forces you to stop, sit back & think about what you want to shoot, before you shoot.
Composition, focus, lighting, exposure & metering all need to be spot on, and even then you won't know for sure until you finish the roll. 
I miss the darkroom. The process is so meditative. Calculated. You must remain present throughout, from start to finish. It is more than a process, it's an art.

Intention is the key.

In this project, old meets new. Analog meets digital. 35mm film negatives scanned & processed digitally. Throw in a little graphic design, some paralleled geometry, and this project has become one of my favourites, due to the complete process.

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