I’m a Calgary, Alberta based photographer, designer, and all around digital media artist with a passion for branding and marketing. 
I have a bachelor of fine arts in new media with a minor in marketing and have worked with a variety of brands including lululemon, Barry’s Bootcamp, CRAFT Beer Market, Peaks & Prairies Jewelry, and Medium Watches amongst others. All sorts of work engages me, but my strengths really shine in outdoor and adventure photography, event promotion, digital content, and traditional and print design.
I pride myself on my attention to detail, technical camera work, and ability to thrive in fast paced environments. During projects I believe in staying relaxed and open to feedback from my clients. Collaboration is an important part of the creation process.
Throughout my experiences working with different brands I’ve learned that the best way to engage an audience is through compelling content. Content that delivers a concise message and elicits an emotional response. 

And nothing evokes a response quite like a powerful image. 

So enough about me, take a look at my portfolio here (Hyperlink to portfolio) to see if you connect with my work and if you’re interested in seeing how we might be able to collaborate on your next project, please email me at hire.tannerstrachan@gmail.com

Lead with Integrity | Create with Curiosity
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